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Welcome To NAFCOC

Welcome to the National African Federated Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NAFCOC) home page. Since its inception in 1964, NAFCOC has been advancing the cause of black businessmen and women that were marginalised by the apartheid system prior to the 1994 era. This struggle for economic emancipation has continued post the 1994 era in the form of championing the cause for the SMME sector.

The National African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NAFCOC) is a voluntary association and business support organisation that was established in 1964 to serve small to medium businesses in township and village economies.

Its main objective is to promote and encourage the development of the small business sector and black business in general in South Africa and thereby drawing the black majority into the mainstream of economic activity and decision-making in SA.

It aims to promote unity among black business organizations and business formations in general.





Women Chamber


Mantombi Mapanzela – Women’s Chamber President